Owners of Beevor & Co

When you first enquire with Beevor & Co you are likely to meet at least one of us, or our office support legend, Hayley.

Sam being the Director and Registered Builder, is competent in all aspects of the Company, from Estimating through to Site & Project Management. Jessie focuses on all things behind the scenes.

Being a small company (and with us control freaks at the helm) we are both completely hands on with each of our projects and appreciate every single project and enquiry.

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Beevor&Co designs are tailor made to suit any concept and budget, creating a unique project that you won’t find anywhere else.

Our company focuses on flexibility and individuality without constraining you to a limited range of selections and upgrades. The talented team can advise you where you can save money and what items are worth splurging on.

We offer a welcoming yet transparent and professional approach to everything we do. We understand structural integrity is vital as well as creating a safe, tidy and competently run workplace to ensure the highest standard of construction is achieved.

Beevor&Co only provide fully qualified and technically capable staff and subcontractors who understand the importance of maintaining safety and quality implementations. We make full use of our human, financial and technical resources to achieve the performance objects of each contract and exceed expectations.

Our Beevor&Co family work ethically and bring our personal values and some personality into the workplace.

All jobs are treated as if they were our own.


Customised Designs

Beevor&Co are custom builders. This means you get exactly what you want in a build designed exclusively for you. Our designs include the features and functionality specific to how you live. One size does not fit all!
Beevor&Co can adapt the specifications to suit your budget. You have all the power to add the inclusions and bring your ideas to life. We can even incorporate Pinterest inspiration photos to assist in customising your design as shown here.


Simplicity & Ease

Let us take care of everything! From design and drafting with added 2D and 3D perspectives, surveys and engineering reports, council approval, construction and project management through to final key handover. The level of your personal involvement in the project is entirely up to you.

Beevor&Co use an online communication platform which allows your Site Manager to update you with notes and photos of the build progression with all information at your fingertips’. This portal also shows your confirmed selections and ensures transparency throughout your build. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the incredible new project you have created.


Passion & Expertise

Building and construction is our passion. Our skilled team excel in their trade and can provide guidance and recommendations. Beevor&Co have procedures and quality assurance implementations maintained to ensure we meet and exceed the changing needs of our clients.
Our team get excited about the projects we complete!



The talented Beevor & Co team will provide a free initial consultation to help develop your concept and perfect the scope of work required. We get to know exactly what you want and the specifics including your must have items, style and budget.

Depending on the scope of work required, Beevor & Co may provide a Preliminary Agreement for signing. This agreement outlines the costs involved in the preliminary works and obtaining the necessary information for Beevor & Co to provide an accurate cost estimate to you.

Our fully qualified Draftsmen share our enthusiasm and passion to create masterpieces that combine creativity and function. We provide a tailor made Concept Plan and allow you one opportunity to make as many changes to the original concept as you like to ensure you are 100% happy.

You will then receive a Proposal detailing the price, inclusions, exclusions and special conditions. We can then move on to Contract signing!


The next step is to channel your creative side at Prestart. Our qualified Interior Designer will guide you to clarify your vision and ensure the selections and layouts suite the functionality of the build to avoid costly mistakes.

Behind the scenes Beevor & Co will be coordinating the necessary approvals required to obtain approvals from the relevant authorities.


Once we have ticked all the boxes we will be ready to move through to Construction. Your dedicated Site & Project Manager will take care of all scheduling, trade coordination, logistics, site safety and quality assurance. Beevor & Co know it is important to keep you informed every step of the way and this is why we have implemented an online communication portal for our clients to use for direct communication to your Site & Project Manager. This portal will also show your updated selections, costs, photos and messages all in one place.

All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the process until Key Handover!


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