Customised Designs

Beevor&Co are custom builders. This means you get exactly what you want in a build designed exclusively for you. Our designs include the features and functionality specific to how you live. One size does not fit all!
Beevor&Co can adapt the specifications to suit your budget. You have all the power to add the inclusions and bring your ideas to life. We can even incorporate Pinterest inspiration photos to assist in customising your design as shown here.

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Simplicity & Ease

Let us take care of everything! From design and drafting with added 2D and 3D perspectives, surveys and engineering reports, council approval, construction and project management through to final key handover. The level of your personal involvement in the project is entirely up to you.

Beevor&Co use an online communication platform which allows your Site Manager to update you with notes and photos of the build progression with all information at your fingertips’. This portal also shows your confirmed selections and ensures transparency throughout your build. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the incredible new project you have created.

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Passion & Expertise

Building and construction is our passion. Our skilled team excel in their trade and can provide guidance and recommendations. Beevor&Co have procedures and quality assurance implementations maintained to ensure we meet and exceed the changing needs of our clients.
Our team get excited about the projects we complete!

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